Friday, October 13, 2017

18 days until....

Boys will be boys...

I refuse to post these to the front page of Wikipedia any more. But I will post them here. The article I wrote or assisted with is in bold.
Did You Know ... that a ghostly funeral streetcar used to be seen carrying the dead into Mayfield Cemetery in Cleveland Heights, Ohio?
DJ Deadmau5???


Classic horror movie quiz!!!!! Test your knowledge of macabre movies...

(1) In 1931's Frankenstein, Frankenstein's fiancee, Elizabeth; her friend, Victor Moritz; and Frankenstein's mentor, Dr. Waldman, go to see Frankenstein in his abandoned watchtower-cum-laboratory. Why?
a. They want to stop him from violating God's law.
b. They know the townspeople are rising up, and want Frankenstein to stop before they do.
c. They think he's overworking himself.
d. They think he's dead, and are going to check to be sure.

(2) In 1931's Dracula, Dracula gets to England.... how?
a. Aboard a ship.
b. Aboard a train.
c. By gyspy wagon.
d. Flying like a bat.

(3) In 1941's The Wolf Man, the rhyme about werewolves says that "Even a man who is pure in heart, and says his prayers by night / May become a wolf when"... what happens?
a. The moon is full and and moon-dust fills the night.
b. Whenever he's caught in the pale moon-light.
c. When the moon is full and his heart is full of fright.
d. When the wolfbane blooms and the autumn moon is bright.

(4) In 1935's Bride of Frankenstein, Dr. Pretorius and the Monster bond over bread and wine, dining atop... what?
a. An oak table in a dead man's hut.
b. A heap of corpses unearthed from the local graveyard.
c. A sarcophagus in a crypt.
d. The ruins of the windmill from the first film.

(5) In 1932's The Mummy, how is Imhotep the Mummy finally killed?
a. The goddess Isis sets the Scroll of Thoth on fire.
b. Dr. Muller and Frank Whemple run him through with an iron rod.
c. Helen Grosvenor sets him on fire.
d. Dr. Muller forces an ankh into his mouth.

(6) In 1933's The Invisible Man, Dr. Jack Griffin (the invisible man) realizes that his friend, Dr. Arthur Kemp, has betrayed him to the police. He swears he'll return the next night and kill Kemp at 10 o'clock. In the meantime, what does Griffin do?
a. Derails a train, causing hundreds of deaths.
b. Causes a dam to break, killing thousands.
c. Sets off a bomb in a train station.
d. Kills all the police in the local police station.

(7) In 1932's The Old Dark House, Horace Femm is on the run from the police, Rebecca Femm is a religious fanatic, and Saul Femm....
a. Is dead, although no one knows it yet.
b. Is an alcoholic.
c. Is missing.
d. Is a pyromaniac.

(8) In the 1925 silent film The Phantom of the Opera, a defiant Carlotta sings the role of Marguerite in "Faust" instead of allowing Christine to do so. The Phantom retaliates by:
a. Dropping a chandelier on the audience.
b. Setting the backgroup aflame.
c. Kidnapping Carlotta while she sings.
d. Killing Carlotta while she sings.

(9) In the 1943 sound film The Phantom of the Opera, Eric Claudin (the Phantom) is disfigured by:
a. Fire.
b. Acid.
c. Disease.
d. Born that way.

(10) In 1954's The Creature From the Black Lagoon, the Gill-Man is captured, but escapes. What does the expedition decide to do?
a. Go swimming, during which Kay is captured.
b. Go hunting, leaving Kay alone aboard ship -- where she is captured.
c. Signal for help on the radio, which the Creature has smashed.
d. Flee home toward civilization.

Your answers behind this jump.... if you DARE!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Better never to wake...

Phantom or vampire?

I refuse to post these to the front page of Wikipedia any more. But I will post them here. The article I wrote or assisted with is in bold.
Did You Know ... that there are an estimated 100 abandoned mines in the upper Little Blackfoot River (headwaters to Dog Creek) in Montana, and another 100 abandoned mines on the lower reaches of the stream?
20 days...

His last name is Carver...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

At night, nothing is visible.

Nightmare or fantasy??

Little Red Robin, where do you run? The big, bad wolf only wants your cherry...

Halloween literature quiz! Let's see how well you know your scary books.

(1) In Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein", Victor Frankenstein is a native of what country?
a. England.
b. Germany.
c. Brazil.
d. Italy.
(2) In Bram Stoker's "Dracula", some people help Dracula leave his castle, as well as return him to it. Who are they?
a. Werewolves.
b. Demons.
c. Enslaved Carpathians.
d. Romani (Gypsies).
(3) In Oscar Wilde's novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray", does Dorian kill the young actress Sybill Vane?
a. Yes.
b. No.
c. Indirectly; he jilts her, and she drinks acid.
d. Accidentally; he beats her, but didn't intend to kill her.
(4) In Stephen King's novel " 'Salem's Lot", the first person to die is Ralphie Glick on September 21 (gutted alive as an offering to Satan to prepare the way for the vampire's arrival). The novel's heroes, Mark and Ben, leave the vampire-filled town for Mexico on what day?
a. October 8.
b. October 31.
c. November 17.
d. December 30.
(5) In Shirley Jackson's novel "The Haunting of Hill House", Hill House is "insane". Why?
a. Its fantastic architecture warped its mind.
b. Because of the six murders that occurred there.
c. Because it is exposed to absolute reality.
d. Because satanist Hugh Crain drove it mad.

Your answers behind the jump-break cut here....
Oh, to have chill nights with a big harvest moon...

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Masks come on...

Where are all my hard-core Catholic friends??? This statue is in front of a former seminary, and I assume it's St. Charles Borromeo. Would I be wrong?

St Charles Borromeo - Hitchcock Center for Women
23 days to fear...

Saturday, October 7, 2017

The forces gather...

That's it, skater boi... Display your wares. Keep showing off.....

That's it, skater boi... Display your wares.

October 7, 1998 – Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the University of Wyoming, is found tied to a fence after being savagely beaten by two young adults in Laramie, Wyoming.

He will die five days later.
Terror is the foundation of unreason.

It begins with the phrase "A well-regulated militia..." Something we do not have.

I wonder if a guy like this actually gets laid much. Or do people think he's too good looking, too buff, too confident, too "too"?  Is he intimidating people?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Watching now...

The 1941 film with Spencer Tracy and Ingrid Bergman is good, but this 1931 pre-Code version is far superior. Hyde is not played just as some evil monster. He's a woman-beater, a rapist. Miriam Hopkins (who plays Ivy Pierson, Hyde's bar-maid victim) is outstanding as the poverty-stricken young woman who is repeatedly beaten and raped into submission by Hyde. The scenes are almost painful to watch; Hopkins is so good at conveying real terror and agony that you avert your eyes, sure that when Hyde rips the dress from her back you'll see massive bruises.

It's an outstanding film because, instead of playing for monstrousness and sci fi, the film depicts the real emotions of a woman preyed on by a man.

The secret of the transformation scenes was kept secret for decades. March's "Hyde" make-up actually consisted of various colors. A series of color filters was passed in front of the camera lens that allowed only that color through. Passing from yellow to green to blue to purple to red, the makeup showed Hyde becoming progressively more ugly. The color changes were not visible on the black-and-white film.

Wally Westmore designed the Hyde make-up. His work deeply, deeply influenced the popular image of Hyde. In Robert Louis Stevenson's novella, Hyde is merely a personality that comes out. After this film was released, Hyde was seen as a semi-devolved simian-like creature.

Sure, he has a superb body.  But what I like about him is his face and his hair.

25 days to prepare.

More light rain last night. All told, we've had a tenth of an inch in the past two days.

Every little bit is good.
He gives the impression of muscle. But look closely. He's just a twink.

Yes, be afraid.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

I refuse to post these to the front page of Wikipedia any more. But I will post them here. The article I wrote or assisted with is in bold.
Did You Know ... that Vietnam Veterans Memorial founder Jan Scruggs left Vietnam thinking he had post-traumatic stress disorder -- but he really didn't?
26 days!!!!!