Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Murphy: [into the phone] Gimme the desk!

Endicott: [into the phone] No, I tell you! Nobody knows where he got it!

Murphy: The Crime Commission has offered a reward of ten thousand dollars for Williams' capture. ...No, no clue yet as to Earl Williams' whereabouts. Here's a little feature though: There's been an accident about a tear bomb -- Yeah -- tear bomb. Criminals cry for it. This tear bomb went off unexpectedly in the hands of Sheriff Hartman's Bombing Squad. Four of Mr. Hartman's Deputy Sheriffs were rushed to the hospital -- The names are Merwyn D. Mayor, who is the Mayor's brother-in-law, Howard Shenken, the Sheriff's uncle on his mother's side, William Lungren, who is the Sheriff's landlord, and Lester Bartow who married the Sheriff's niece. You remember, the very homely dame. Call you back!

Wilson: [into the phone] Mrs. William Tausig, age fifty-five, scrub lady, while at work scrubbing the eighth floor of the Commerce Building, was shot in the left leg by one of Sheriff Hartman's deputies.

[sound of machine-gun fire]

Hildy: There goes another scrub lady!

Murphy: Any dope yet on how he got out?

Hildy: From what I hear, the Sheriff let him out so's he could vote for him.

[Murphy and Wilson leave]

Hildy: [into phone] Give me Walter Burns -- quick! ...Walter, listen. I've got the inside story on how Williams got the gun and escaped. It cost me 450 bucks to tear it out of Cooley.

Burns: Never mind that. What's the story?

Hildy: Never mind it? That's not my money! That's Bruce's money!

Burns: You'll get it. Now what's the story? I'll have the paper send the money right down to you. I swear it on my mother's grave.

Hildy: Wait a minute. Your mother's alive!

Burns: I meant on my grandmother's grave. Don't be so technical, Hildy. What's the story?!

Hildy: Well, this expert Dr. Egelhoffer, from New York, decides to make Williams re-enact the crime It seems the professor had to have a gun to re-enact the crime with -- and who do you suppose supplied it? Sheriff Peter B. Hartwell. B for brains!

This dialogue is from this movie.

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